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Bioresonance - Biospect Therapy

We are specialised in Bioresonance Quantum Therapy, exclusively selling and teaching about the Biospect 25  3D Device.
We are based in Thailand

Discover, learn and practice a unique and effective way to restore balance in yourself...

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of our Biospect Device !

 "What we call matter is really just specific dynamics of the field we are bathing in." – Nassim Haramein


Become a Bioresonance practitioner

​with the Biospect 25  3D Device.




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- For professionals and the general public -


Quick mastery, easy to use and safe

We are very committed to offering you ​our best services

to accompany you in a professional way,

to become a certified and confident practitioner.

Why to become a practitioner in Biospect Biofeedback?

You want to take care of yourself and others? 
To learn new effective ways to bring a body back into harmony,  know more about how the body responds on a quantum physic level, to connect and be more aware, to bring tools to people in their everyday life in a more conscious way to get back to health: then the Biospect Device is an answer!


Who is the training for?
- For individuals, you can use it for you, for your family, friends, and your pets! (See our page Biospect25 Pro)

- You are in a professional reconversion, you can become a Bioresonance practitioner and make it your main activity.

- For Wellness Centers, you can easily incorporate the Biospect machine as a powerful way to help people to get more balanced, energetised, more relaxed, to improve digestion and inhance detoxification, reduce pain and get back to health. 
The device is a great tool to offer to clients in a SPA, and to amplify their welness and health in an efficient way.

- For Health and Wellness practitioners:  the Biospect Device is a great tool to deepening your treatments decisions, to provide your clients with advices, with different tools incorporated in the program of the device,  as homeopathy, Bach flowers, acupuncuture. As a health practitioner, you can target which one to use specificically during the Biospect session, to suit the best your client health's conditions.




What we propose in our training?

- A biospect machine 25 3D latest version, Russian device (with a certificate of manufactoring and CE certificate).

- Compliance: software and documentation compliant with medical device legislation.

- A 4 days training (a total of 16 hours), online (or physically) to know how to use the machine, scan, diagnose, interpretation and how to treat.
- 1 year free of accompagning.

- A certificate after completing the training online.
​- 2 years guaranty for the machine.

- Get listed on our list of certified practitioners.

- Fun in learning!
​Check more on our page "training"

Why to learn with us?

- We have 6 years of experience in giving sessions and 3 years as teachers.

- We have the exclusivity of the English speaking market to sell the device Biospect 25 Pro and to teach.​
- Our students have trusted us and practice successfully at their place.​ 
We have trained qualified practitioners from Thailand, Singapor, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Australia, Belgium, Ireland, America... 

- We love what we do! 



Nowodays, “Biospect 25” devices are used by many health practitioners. 

Testimonial of one of our dear students


More about our trainings

- What we offer

- How to enroll

- Payment, shipping

What is the Biospect 25 device ?
- How does that work
- Who can receive a session

​- Book for a session

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