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Bioresonance - Biospect Therapy

We are specialised in Bioresonance Quantum Therapy, exclusively selling and teaching about the Biospect 25  3D Device.
We are based in Thailand

Discover, learn and practice a unique and effective way to restore balance in yourself...

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of our Biospect Device !

 "What we call matter is really just specific dynamics of the field we are bathing in." – Nassim Haramein


About us

Promoting the Biospect 25 3D device

HI! I'm Christine and I have lived in Thailand Chiangmai for 20 years.

I have always been interested in knowing more about "how to take care of myself and others".
I had the chance to study there with incredible teachers techniques like Traditionnal Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy, Massage, Reiki.
And to practice for over 20 years now, with great pleasure.
I also regularly went to temples in Thailand and India to practice meditation.

It is also in Chiangmai that I have met Ludivine and Mattew. 
I've been knowing Ludivine for many years now and we both could witness each other's path, both interested in alternative therapies and energy work.
I could quickly see how much both of them were involved and dedicated to the Biospect device:  they gave many sessions with their machine for 6 years already and helped many people.
I was one of them as I had the chance to receive sessions 4 times in moments where my body needed support. I could feel the benefits of the sessions and I'm thankful to Ludivine for the time she took each time for me, to explain, and to follow up with me.

It is with pleasure I have joined their team at Chrysalide Holistic, to promote this incredible Device, to enable as many people as possible to get the benefits of it, to practice and help others.

I now live in Portugal.
My field of actions to promote the device is large, as we have the exclusivity for the English speaking market.
Portugal is a country I'm happy to promote the machine to. :-)
I'm looking forward to exchanging with you, feel free to contact me regarding the Biospect 25 3D Device, if you want to receive a session (physically or remote), to understand, feel and see the benefits it can really bring!

Christine Biospect 25 Pro 3D
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